Set up Tweet Nest

To install Tweet Nest on this server and customize it to your likings, please fill in the below one-page setup configuration. If you want to change any of these values, you can edit the file config.php at any time to do so.

Basic settings

Green color means the value is required
The consumer key of an app created and registered on dev.twitter.com.
The consumer secret of the above.
Authorize Tweetnest to access your twitter account. Please fill in the consumer key and secret fields before clicking this.
The time zone (closest major city) that you live in. Used to make sure your tweets have the correct timestamp so it doesn’t look like you tweeted at 4 AM. (Unless, you know, you actually did.)
The folder in which you have installed Tweet Nest, i.e. the part after your domain name. If on the root of the domain, simply type /. Example: /tweets for http://pongsocket.com/tweets (Note: No end slash, please!)

Database authentication

The host name of your database server. Usually this is the same as the web server and you can thus type “localhost”. But this is not always the case, so change it if you must!
The username part of your database login.
The password part of your database login.
The name of the actual database where you want Tweet Nest to store its data once logged in to the database server.
The Tweet Archive set up page (that’s this one!) generates three different tables, and to prevent the names clashing with some already there, here you can type a character sequence prefixed to the name of both tables. Something like “ta_” or “tn_” is good.

Miscellaneous settings

If you want to load your tweets into Tweet Nest through your browser, specify an admin password. If you don’t specify this, you’ll only be able to load tweets through your server’s command line, so this is highly encouraged. Note: Unless you have SSL, this will be sent in clear text, so probably not make it the same as your Twitter password!
If you typed an admin password above, type it here again.
Display a “Follow me on Twitter” button on your Tweet Nest page?
Use SmartyPants to perfect punctuation inside tweets? Changes all "straight quotes" to “curly quotes” and more.
Enforce to only show inline images (“thumbnails”) when they come from HTTPS urls. If you are concerned about mixed content (or just want to prevent the warnings from modern browsers), you should check this.

Style settings

If you open up config.php after setting up your Tweet Nest, you will see a lot of style settings that you can play around with. Read the guide on the Tweet Nest website for more information on how to customize your Tweet Nest’s look →

That’s it!